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Independent Retailers in Clare

Our mighty coastline, rolling hills, karst landscape and pristine lakes bring nearly 1 million overseas tourists to our home Every Year, independent retailers keep them here.

We have created a booming tourism industry in Clare and our creativity and talents have put us on the world map. Overseas tourism brings over €150m annually to our economy and the connected industry employs nearly 70% of our workforce.

It is so important to keep these independent retailers afloat. We would be lost without them! 93.8% of businesses in Clare have less than 10 employees.

Our Summer was gearing up to be the busiest on record. Retailers, some which have taken generations to get where they are, have invested heavily to cater for those tourists.

Let's make sure once this 'thing' is over we still have the those wonderful businesses to look forward to! We may not be able to visit these places but technology can link us together. Every retailer on this site has a link to their online shop that will deliver right to your door!

Not everybody feels comfortable going to markets at the moment so let's give everyone an option to support local.

#Clare #Tourism

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